Actor  Director  Editor PAUL KOZINSKI




Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Paul is an experienced actor and director of both theatre and film. He also has experience in camera operation and non-linear video editing.


For all performance enquires, please contact WGM Talent Management on or telephone 0161 850 1095.


Paul has recently returned to perform at the Tron Theatre  as part of the ensemble for the Progressive Playwright competition directed by Graham Eatough.


Paul can be heard in the new comedy podcast Small Mercies for Positively Scottish


In the winter, Paul will be appear as Dame Isa Hotpot in "Jack and the Beanstalk" for Fizzgig Theatre at Mugdock Theatre (with Highlands tour).


Paul has can be current seen in "Boy's Future" for MTP/FSS and also  "Clock Up" for Forest of Black/PHA Northern Ireland.


Please feel to get in touch via the contact page.