UNSCENE is often approached by writers with an idea for a short film.  Creating the film is an opportunity for UNSCENE to reach into our talent hub and pull together a professional cast and crew; actors, directors and film crew who are looking to add a notch to their CV/portfolio by trying their hand at playing a new genre of character, challenging their directing experience, designing special effects make-up, composing a film-score... and so on.


UNSCENE work with professionals at all stages of their careers who want to expand their experience and who have perhaps been working in a specific area of the Scottish arts scene for a period of time and are looking for an outlet through which to showcase their wide ranging talents to directors, agents and other companies.  Even those professionals who already have an agent, still invite them along to an UNSCENE production in order to demonstrate their wide-ranging abilities in the hope of more versatile work.


UNSCENE aims to provide this positive point of collision between artist and agents/companies through the creation of excellent work.  If further opportunities then arise for the professional cast and crew of our (mainly zero-budget) productions, we are delighted.  If not, we have had a great time in the process; making connections, sharing experiences and giving a quality outlet to our creative urges.


Please click the titles above to see examples of our short film work.


If you are a writer with an idea, or a performer or crew member who wishes to be considered for future projects, please get in touch with our Head of Film, Paul Kozinski.


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