UNSCENE’s Company Manager is Janis Marshall Reilly

Actor, director, producer, events co-ordinator, strategic arts manager, maverick.


UNSCENE’s Head of Film is Paul Kozinski

Actor, director, film editor, technical wizard, juggler, mandolin-player.



UNSCENE works with a huge range of creative professionals across a variety of disciplines. We consider all of these people to be part of team UNSCENE. Through the opportunities UNSCENE provides, professionals continue to develop their skills and broaden their experience – and, of course, UNSCENE benefits from their outstanding talent.  We have worked with actors, directors, writers, sound recorders, camera operators, hair and make up artists, composers... Scotland has a wealth of professional creative talent.  UNSCENE helps bring these interesting and capable practitioners together to ply their trade.


Janis Marshall Reilly & Paul Kozinski

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